Saturday, October 06, 2007

Remodeling, Panera Ponderings, Bible Reading, Indians win, and home life

Personal - This has been a long week. I must confess that I finally ran out of gas last night around 7:30 PM and was unable to work on the basement. I wound up watching the Cleveland Indians win their second game against the Yankees. Having lived in Cleveland for 15 years I would probably have to say I am an Indians fan. However, since I live in Iowa now I have also adopted the Cubs as a team to root for. Everyone loves the underdog, right? ha!

Bible readings - I just passed the one-third mark of my read-through of the NET Bible. I really like it's readability. I am using the "Reader's Edition" which is in columns, but I wish they would publish one in paragraph form. It's much easier to read paragraphs across the page than down columns.

Panera Ponderings - yesterday was a good day at Panera. I trained a newbee on the cash register and was reminded of how much I really enjoy training and equipping people. I have to figure out a way to train and equip people in my "second" vocation; probably in my half-time as well.

Remodeling - the basement remodel is not going very well. I was so busy this week that I had almost no time to work on it. Today will be a 12-14 hour day. I also have to get rid of about a yard of dirt from the window well. Mark and Larry are coming over to help tape this morning. I'll be REALLY glad when this is over.

Home life - just when I didn't think it could get any crazier, yesterday it did. Mackenzie had to sing three songs for 10 minutes at Linn-Mar High School for I don't know why. (a little rant there) Morgan, at the same time, was being picked up to go to Kennedy's Homecoming dance. I was having issues with some work items, and Judy was studying. Andrew had class Friday night and I still don't know where Allyson was/is. HA!

Looking forward to a break...Tye out.

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