Monday, October 08, 2007

You've got to see this...

Ok, it was a busy weekend. I needed to get rid of almost a ton of dirt that I had dug out of the window well where we put the oversize (in my opinion) window. This amounted to about an extra 2-3 days work, but who's counting.

So, I backed the little pick up truck to the dirt pile and shoveled it into the truck. It was probably too much dirt, and the tires where way under inflated. See pics in slide show.

Very slowly I traveled to the dump area. Then out to the field where I dumped the dirt. Then the truck wouldn't start. I knew the battery was shot, but failed to replace it. The door standing open for an hour killed it. I called Judy and she came out and gave me a boost - out in the field. Thanks for taking time from your studies to help me.

I went over to Sam's and got a battery. Works like a charm!

Back home to shovel more dirt - another entire truck load! Allyson and Morgan were being picked up for their homecoming dance while dear ole dad shoveled more dirt. I did get to see them off though - I think.

Finished up around 7:30 PM and Judy asked me out for a sandwich - first time ever in 22 years! Wow! It felt good! Red Robin to share a hamburger and then Culvers for custard. Tired Tye out.

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