Saturday, December 16, 2006

Denver and the Mile High Orchestra

Denver and the trumpet section.

Denver and the Mile High Orchestra. Nothing like driving 286 miles ONE WAY to get to see an awesome big band and front man - Denver! The concert as absolutely phenomenal and very entertaining. The venue, North Heights Lutheran Church, had an impressive worship center with the seats in a circular fashion. The ceiling had to be at least 40 feet tall. It seemed massive, yet intimate at the same time.

This band has got it going on! It was obvious that they were having the time of their lives performing and sharing the love of Jesus through big band music. The bass player was incredible, and entertaining to watch as well. The drummer did this awesome drum solo on "Little Drummer Boy" while the band lined up in the front playing Tower of Power licks. The alto played like the cat on Buddy Rich's band in the late 70's and the tenor player had this huge penetrating sound. (Berg Larsen mouthpiece!)

Denver's heart for missions was evident in his plea for Compassion and near the end of the concert sharing the gospel and praying with people to receive Christ as their savior!

It was an aweome night, but I have to admit that it was a long day. We spent 9 hours driving and covered around 590 miles - what were we thinking! I got to bed around 2:15 AM, but I can tell you I had visions of big bands dancing in my head! Tye out.

P.S. Stay tuned for a NCBC Big Band/Brass Line Christmas Concert 2007. - I'm serious!

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