Thursday, December 14, 2006

Patricia Heaton says "It's not about me"

In the past couple of years I have enjoyed watching reruns of Everybody Loves Raymond mostly because it always gives a chuckle, if not a downright belly laugh. After a stressful day at work sometimes it helps just to laugh. (a little rationalization going on there.)

Christianity Today had this article on Patricia Heaton who plays the wife of Raymond Barone, Debra. Her character is quite the overbearing wife who regular demeans her husband - which stems from an overbearing mother (Raymond's) and a guy like Raymond doesn't have the equipment necessary to become a man and lead the women in his life. (that came from Men's Fraternity and maybe I'll takle this issue in another post.)

Back to Patricia. She is without a doubt a gifted and talented actress. She confesses a personal relationship with Christ and she also says some things in her article that caught my eye. Check it out.

She is the chairwoman for Feminists for Life, an organiztion of women committed to the Pro-Life ideal. She apparently lives a life of morality in a town where family values are not highly regarded. In fact, while waiting her turn to MC at the American Music Awards where she was to follow the Osbourne family she decided to leave before her segment after listening to the explictive saturated monologue of the Ozzy Osbourne.

Listen to this quote from Heaton: If you give your life to God, he doesn't promise that everything will go well. But he does promise peace.

Heaton goes on to talk about her view of tithing (interesting) and how she has been challenged to give until it hurts. This would have to be pretty interesting for someone making a reported $6 million a year. I can only pray that this halftimer is attempting to extend her financial influence (and celebrity status) and that God will take the platform she enjoys to influence the lives of many people. Tye out.

P.S. Please understand that I realize that Ms. Heaton may not have it all together spiritually the way I would see it, but the things I read today were very encouraging.

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