Thursday, December 07, 2006

Thanks Zanny!

It's a strange thing, these blogs. I was just noticing that my "hit count" has gone up a lot here recently and I have been getting hits from all over. So, I was checking out how all these hits came in and several people found my blog because I did a post on Zanny Henseler who won an $83k Cadillac Escalade and unfortunately discovered that the IRS's take was going to be $25k!

Well, apparently there are other people who enjoyed the show as well and did searches to find out if anyone had reported on Zanny and her Zany, zippidity-do-dah, zoom to the top of Deal or no Deal. Actually, other reports have popped up on the web. Click here to read one of them.

So, thanks Zanny. You got me some hits to my blog. And by the way, if you are reading this, please know that we really enjoyed your youthful enthusiasm and poised style on the show. Best wishes and we hope that you can come up with the dough for the ride! Tye out.


Rob, Amy & Emily said...

I go to the same church as Zanny and her parents. Her family is organizing “Cans for Zan” to help raise the money needed for the sales tax. They are asking everyone to donate cans and any other kind of aluminum to be recycled.
Just thought you might be interested.

Tye Male said...

Rob & Amy, thanks for leaving a comment. Our family really enjoyed watching her on Deal or No Deal.

I was hoping to get a comment from Zanny herself, so if you see her tell her to stop by Tye's Jazz and leave a comment on my blog. That would be just awesome! Thanks