Sunday, December 10, 2006

Zanny Henseler - Deal or No Deal winner update

I got a comment from someone who goes to church with Zanny who says that her family is trying to collect enough pop cans to raise the money to pay the tax on her Escalade she won on Deal or No Deal.

Click here to read my first blog entry. Here I gave unsolicited advice to Zanny : )

Click here to read my second blog entry. (then, click on the comments to read the following comment left by Rob and Emily who go to Zanny's church) Here's what they said:

Tye,I go to the same church as Zanny and her parents. Her family is organizing “Cans for Zan” to help raise the money needed for the sales tax. They are asking everyone to donate cans and any other kind of aluminum to be recycled. Just thought you might be interested.

This is quite fascinating to me. Here I am a nobody living in Iowa and because of my fascination with the TV show Deal or No Deal I decided to blog about the girl in lime-green who won the lime-green Escalade.

I've always thought it would be cool to get a comment from someone who is "famous." A friend of mine goes to church with Stormie Omartian and actually sat next to her. Since I had blogged about her books on prayer, I was hoping to get a comment from her.

Isn't it amazing at how flat our world is? I've interacted with a sax player in Germany, had hits to my blog from around the world, and hopefully have been able to have been a positive influence in many people's lives, comments or not. Tye out.


Anonymous said...

hey tye this is Zanny the lime green girl. Rob and Amy attached this website to my moms email. We just cheked her mail. That is awesome you got to watch the show. Im glad you liked me. I still havent recieved the green machine, but were are going to town on saving cans!!!!

Anonymous said...

Any update? I just saw a rerun of the episode(I saw it the first run as well), did Zanny get the E yet?

Cheryl "Action" Jackson said...

How much are the taxes on the Escalade? I would like to help her raise the money.