Monday, December 04, 2006

Hunting 2006

CAUTION!!! If you are an animal lover, or an animal rights activist you are probably not going to enjoy this post. Consider yourself warned.

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Well, after a year off from hunting I was so excited to get to hunt again. I only have two hobbies - bike riding and deer hunting. Saturday morning I arrived at Mick's house at 5:15 AM ready to get hunting. We enjoyed an awesome breakfast with venison sausage, eggs, and toast courtesy of Mick. Then it was off to our spots.

I got in place around 6:10 AM and IT WAS COLD, about 12 degress if I remember correctly. No worries because I have some awesome hunting gear I've purchased over the years. All total I saw 7 deer, several squirrel, an owl, and a bald eagle! WOW!

Short version - catch me at Panera some Monday morning and I'll tell you the extended version. About 7:30 AM I saw one of the biggest bucks I've ever seen walk right in front of me at around 75-80 yards. I grunted and it stopped which initiated a stand off for the next 10 minutes! I decided not to shoot because I didn't think my gun would reach that far. Hmmmm

About 30 minutes later, a doe walking the same path except the opposite way came along so I decided to try my luck and hit her on the first shot! I was shocked! You know what that means? I could have taken the buck with the gigantic rack! bummer!

All 4 of of us got a deer (Mick's is not in the pictures) by 8:30 AM! Then, Eric got his deer the next morning early. Today I went out to Micks and helped prepare the meat. I'm looking forward to some of the hamburger, jerky, and venison sticks. Thanks to Mick for letting me join you and the boys this year!

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Mark E. Eades said...

Gratz Tye, nice deer.

Wow look at the points on Craig's deer. Wow!