Thursday, December 14, 2006

Orchestra Conductors

(I did not write this. It is hilarious! Enjoy!)

An American orchestra had just arrived in Europe for a two-week tour.One hour before the first concert, the conductor became very ill and was unable to conduct, and the orchestra suddenly had to find a substitute.

The orchestra manager asked whether anyone in the orchestra could step in and conduct. The only person to volunteer was the last-chair viola player. The manager was nervous. "You have no time to rehearse," she said. "You'll have to conduct the concert cold." "I know. It'll be all right," said the violist.

The violist conducted the concert and it was a smashing success. Because the conductor remained ill, the violist conducted all the concerts, getting rave reviews and standing ovations every time.

Two weeks later, the conductor had recovered, and the violist took his place at the rear of the viola section. As he sat down, his stand partner asked, "So where've YOU been for the past two weeks?"

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-E said...

Usually when someone starts off a joke with "this is hilarious", it usually isn't. But this time you were right! Ha! The music major and former oboe player in me loved it! Thanks for sharing.