Thursday, June 14, 2007

a 30 year reunion concert

Wow - only 5 posts in the month of June and I thought we were supposed to slow down in June which would give more time for blogging - argh!!!

Last weekend we were in Cincinnati visiting family and so I could play with the high school rock band I played in back in 1977 - 30 reunion! Debbie Jordan managed to get all but one of the musicians back together after 30 years for an outdoor reunion concert in Bethel, Ohio. We did covers on Heart, Elton John, Billy Joel, The Rolling Stones, Kansas, and other disco and rock music from the 70's.

Greg Emmerson played drums and he was incredible. He has been playing all along and currently plays in a country band that has opened for Jason Aldean.

Gary Bates, bass/vocals, is now a pastor and continues to play music to this day at his church. He did an outstanding job and it was fun to see him playing again.

Debbie Jordan, lead singer, is more powerful than ever. She put Heart to shame with her strong and penetrating lead vocal style, yet was able to pull it back on Desperado. She did an outstanding job getting everyone back together and organized. She is now a paralegal.

Dori Jordan, back up singer, was as sweet as ever and her vocal styling equalled her sweet personality. She works with her husband in his company and they reside in Florida.

Karen Patterson completes the cast with her gritty, soulful, vocalizing that was such a treat to hear again.

For this concert we welcomed the addition of Dan Henly on multiple keyboards (this cat is a one man band). Dan, together with his wife, pastors a church in the Cincinnati area and I wish you could have heard his Elton John cover - whoah!!! Dan's son Aaron played an amazing electric guitar - what a talented family. Last but not least is Jesse Jordan on more keyboards, especially that mighty B-3 Hammond sound! Jesse also helped me do the arranging for the horn licks and kept me on track during the performance.

We did a two hour set Saturday night for around 300 people. It was awesome to be part of this group and we had a ton of fun. Thanks Debbie for letting me participate!

I will have pics later. Keep checking back.

More later. Tye out.

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