Monday, June 18, 2007

Blue Monday

Today was kinda blue day. I don't know why. I had a great day yesterday. I played in Brassline in all four services yesterday - click here to listen. I'm the crazy sax guy taking a solo into orbit. We hung out as a family and I got two really nice cards from my kids and a call from Morgan who is staying Cleveland for a few weeks. I had a chance to chat with my dad later in the evening. Happy Father's day dad!

Any way, today starting off pretty good. Off to a fairly early start - 5:45 AM out on my bike for a fast 12 miles, average speed of 18.5 mph. I felt great! Then it was time in the word - two days worth of reading. I love God's word!

I made it to my remote office (Panera) by 8 AM and enjoyed some prayer time, then connecting with my accountability partner. I then drove out to Mt. Vernon Iowa to meet with a CPA to figure out some tax stuff. I really dislike that stuff and this year was not a good year tax wise. : (

In the office I managed to spill coffee all over my desk. Then, I just went downhill. Tomorrow is a new day and thank God a fresh start. Tye out.


Robin said...

You have got to be kidding.Spilled coffee again.Man!How many times is that now counting the one I spilled? You need a mug with a tight fitting lid. That's all there is to it. Let us know when Morgan is back. We miss her.

Tye Male said...

Whoever bought me the spill-proof mug : ) THANKS!!!!

And, thanks for caring. That bad day is over and I am back at it again! Tye