Monday, June 04, 2007

Body for Life

Seven years ago this week I started an exercise and fitness program called Body for Life. John Milner (his son was friends with our son) introduced me to this sensible program that includes diet and exercise.

I lost 26 pounds (172 down to 146) and went from bench pressing 110 to 185 lbs. It was an awesome journey that took me down a road to health that I had never experienced before.

Here is Body for Life in a nutshell (from memory):

  • Exercise 20-30 minutes a day, preferably in the morning on an empty stomach
  • 3 days/week weight training
  • 3 days/week cardio workout
  • Eat a balanced meal of carb and protein 6 times a day (every 2.5-3 hrs) about 300 calories each meal

You measure your food with your hand: closed fist (think apple, sm baked potato) or open palm (think 4-6 oz steak/chicken/tuna)

This worked seven years ago and to this day I still follow this basic schedule with the exception that I cheat. Chips, ice cream, sweets.

BFL gives you one day a week to eat whatever and how much of anything you want so I need to wait until my "free" day to eat those things and for me that day will be Sunday.

More on this later. Tye out.

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The Stutts Family said...

Dude, NO WAY you are a BFLer. I did the same thing you did when I was about to turn 40. Unfortunately the deployment stress got me off track this year and I'm back where I started from. But I totally believe this lifestyle of fitness he promotes, cause it's really not a diet' is so sensible, all over healthy, and IT WORKS. Need to get re-motivated! Thanks for the reminder, we'll have to share recipes! J (p.s. the big man is almost home)