Sunday, July 20, 2008

Building Houses in Juarez, Mexico - July 7

After a fair night's sleep in El Paso, we woke up at 4:30 AM to cross the border into Mexico. I felt a little like jet lag by that point. After 48 straight hours on the road with catnaps along the way I was feeling kinda out of it.

We crossed over into Mexico twice. Once unsuccessfully, the second successfully. We tried crossed at the place Casas por Christo wanted us to cross even though they don't accept buses. We tried everything to get the officials to let us cross, even a bribe. They explained that their scales could not handle the weight of the bus.

The place where buses are supposed to cross is downtown and it is supposed to be dangerous there so the interns are not allowed to go there.

So, after leaving the USA but not entering Mexico, we now had to re-enter the USA which took us well over an hour. A short drive down to the downtown crossing, about a nine minute wait and we were in Mexico. Finally.

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