Saturday, July 19, 2008

On the road again - Oklahoma City to El Paso - July 6

The mechanic finished the bus at around 12:15 AM (Sunday morning) and after all the paperwork and driving back to the church where the students were staying at the church youth center, we managed to get everyone loaded on the bus and I took the driver's seat at 1:15 AM.

We pulled into Albuquerque, NM around noon for a delicious meal at the Frontier Restaurant. I had had a nice nap on the bus and this meal only served to energize me for the four drive through the desert to El Paso where we would spend the night at a church before driving across the border into Juarez to build our houses.

Conclusion: We left NCBC at 7:30 PM Friday night arrived Sunday night in El Paso at 7:30 PM, right on schedule. The only thing is we missed our overnight stop in Albuquerque and the opportunity to change clothes and shower. Our sponsors and students went the entire time without changing and showering and I never heard ONE complaint. Amazing. Tye out.

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