Thursday, July 31, 2008

God's amazing grace

Most of us grew up in an environment where good works are rewarded, and conversely bad works punished. If you get good grades, you advance. If you educate yourself you make more money. Work hard and you get a promotion. Be nice to your friends and they will like you.

It is ingrained in us from very early on that when we do good things, then good things happen. Maybe this is why we are so surprised when a young family who does things right, the parents are models of what good parenting is all about, suffers the death of their five month old. We say things like:
  • They didn't deserve that!
  • Why THIS family? They are such good parents!
But the reality is that God has a plan for our lives and he is working that plan out day by day. (Romans 8:28)

When it comes to spiritual matters, the whole works thing kind of crumbles. First of all, it is because of God's grace that we move and have our being. It is because of his mercy that we are not consumed. Our very breath is because of God's grace.

Many of us have worked so hard to gain God's approval. We think that if we just try a little harder then God will love and accept us. Well, I've got good news for you: God loves you right now as much as he ever could. If you have accepted his free gift of eternal life then you are called a "saint."

Today I would encourage you to accept the fact that you are a saint filled with God's righteousness and to live in light of that great truth. Tye out.

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