Sunday, July 20, 2008

Building Houses Juarez, Mexico 3 - July 7

We arrived at our work site around 10 AM and Renee (our Casas intern) explained to us the general process of building a Casas house - a double. Our first job was leveling the ground and building the forms where we would pour the concrete slab. That took us up until around 1:30 to complete. After siesta (lunch and nap) we came back at 4 PM and started pouring the concrete...

By hand...with students...and sponsors...who had never done concrete before. O my.

And then a sand storm hit. It was brutal.

The recipe for concrete goes like this: water, rock, sand, rock, sand, concrete, rock, sand. We used buckets to carry the materials to the concrete mixer.

Did I mention that the electric concrete mixer overheated. We had to do half loads. Which meant twice the time. But our crew knocked it out in around 4 hours - including clean up.

Just as we were finishing a storm was rolling in complete with lightning and high winds. God's timing is always right.

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