Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Building Houses in Juarez, Mexico - How to pull a tractor-trailer out of the mud

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On Wednesday (day 3 of our building project) we arrived back at the SHOC after a long day of work on the house to discover a tractor-trailer stuck right in front of the gate. They had delivered water to the SHOC and when they did it got stuck.

Btw, I'm the guy in the cowboy hat.

Someone got the idea to use the bus to pull them out so we loaded the kids on the bus and tried to no avail. This truck was buried. Then we tried pulling it out backwards. No luck.

About then Charley leaned on the drive axles and the tires spun. The tires were completely off the ground. Then Charley figured out that if we could dig out the wheels on the trailer we could lower the tractor drives and perhaps we could get it out.

So everyone grabbed shovels and started digging and wouldn't you know it the trailer started going down. Then we dug out behind the wheels and created ramps so that the truck could just drive out.

It worked. It was a great feeling. Tye out.

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