Monday, July 21, 2008

Building Houses in Juarez, Mexico - torrential downpours

Oh no! Water is coming into the house. Notice the power tools. yikes.

The dam is successfully built. Nice work team!

Wet and wacky team #25. It was an amazing day.

Some might conclude that our group of 59 Cedar Rapidians brought the flood waters with them and no one would blame them for coming to that conclusion if they did! In a land where the annual rainfall is around 8 inches we saw torrential rain for 2 of the 4 days we built our houses there in Juarez. It was amazing.

By Wednesday morning we had the walls up, the roof on (minus rooking paper), and it was already starting to sprinkle while a group worked feverishly to finish the roof so that we could do drywall and insulation on the inside. Drywall?

O my! The drywall was stacked up outside near the ditch and wouldn't you know it the water was rising quite quickly and Renee yelled out from the roof for us to get the now endangered drywall into the house. The girls moved 42 sheets of drywall in short order! Nice job ladies!

On Thursday morning it rained again and our construction efforts were diverted from the house to civil engineering - a dam had to be built. It was an amazing process and we were victorious over the flood waters!

Mark said that it had not rained in the 9 trips he had made down there. I guess we made up for it in 4 days time!

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