Friday, July 18, 2008

Oklahoma City - for 18 hours - July 5

The original plan was to leave NCBC at 7 PM on Friday and arrive in Albuquerque 24 hours later. With four bus drivers and several more Excursion drivers this is easily possible. Charley took the lead out position and then I hopped in the driver's seat around 11 PM. It was at the rest area where we switched drivers that the trouble began. The bus overheated when we stopped.

Brian Valenti called us around 1 AM to let us know that we could get the bus fixed in Oklahoma City.

We pulled into a McDonald's near the bus repair facility and while the bus headed for repair, the group headed for breakfast. The really good news is that there was a Starbucks, Walmart, Applebees, and an Office Max next door.

About 10 AM we found out that the part for the bus would not arrive until 5 PM. O my. Mark Forstrom called a prayer meeting for those hanging around and so the prayers began. But I have to confess that I don't always close my eyes when I pray, so I was kinda looking around when I spied a church van leaving Walmart. I stepped out into the street and flagged the van down. The Lord answered prayer.

At 1 PM the youth pastor and his wife arrived and began shuttling students and sponsors to the church's youth center where we found cool ac, X-box, Guitar Hero, pool table and foosball. More importantly, there was a side room where I was able to get quality sleep. I would need it. Tye out.

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