Saturday, February 03, 2007

Panera's Pastor

I just completed my 5th week working only one day a week at Panera. The team there has been very patient as I have attempted to refine my bagel-order-getting, drink mixing, floor-sweeping, and inventory restocking skills. Did I mention cash-register skills? Oh my.

The cash register. The Panera team has been faithful to train me on the cash register, but I'm a little on the thick-headed side. I think I can, I think I can...uh, no way.

Yesterday was my first day to man my own register. I was so nervous - rightfully so. At 6:00 AM my first customer stepped up and ordered two bagel packs: 26 bagels/4 tubs of spread. That's 26 bagels that have to be sliced - easy. But ringing it up, that's another story. Then he gave me 3 gift cards - YIKES! Thankfully, he was very patient and I survived! But, not everyone was patient...

Patience. I've noticed that a lot of people have no margin in their life. They leave themselves 2 minutes, 38.6 seconds to get 2 bagel packs, a chai tea latte, and a cup of coffee only to realize that 10 other people had the same idea. Now, they want me to perform like "Dash" on the Incredibles. I'm pretty fast, but not fast enough to make up for their lack of planning. I'm not complaining! The customers come first!!! And, they make my paycheck possible.

One last thing. We were absolutely deluged with bagel orders - must have been the full moon. By 10:30 AM we were out our most popular bagels. A lady came in and was miffed that she couldn't get her fave bagel. She actually said that it was wrong that we ran out of bagels and companies who get bagels should have to order them ahead of time. wow. That is pretty judgemental.

I suggested she fill out a comment card and voice her anger to the "powers that be." I wasn't exactly sure why she felt like arguing with me. I smiled and said thank you.

Thank you Lord for an extra paycheck - answered prayer. And Lord, please help this precious soul for whom you died understand that there are way worse things in our world to be angry about. Tye out.

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Zac said...

dude, you rock! You are gazelle intense! ;-) Thank you for being a good role model to the people around you with your ambition and humility.

- Z