Thursday, February 08, 2007

Zanny Update

I've noticed that I get hits every day from someone searching for Zanny Henseler updates and I wanted to let you know that I have not heard anything. Last I heard she was trying to come up with $25k for the tax bill on her lime-green Cadilac Escalade she won on Deal or No Deal.

Zanny actually left a comment on my blog. (Click here to read it) Rob and Amy, regular readers of who go to her church, have left comments on my blog and kinda kept us posted on the progress. They know Zanny's mom so I'm really depending on Rob and Amy to keep me posted and I haven't heard from them in a while.

BTW - A girl who was in my youth group (I think she was old enough back then) was on Deal or No Deal - Josie Butkovic. You can do a search and find out how she did. Congrats Josie for even making the show!!!

So, Zanny, we're dying to know how it's going. If you get a minute between can collecting please leave a comment or email me! Tye out.


Rob, Amy & Emily said...

I talked to Zanny’s mom, Ava, last week. Zanny should be receiving the “Lime Green Machine” within the next week or so. For some reason Deal or No Deal makes you wait 3 months before they give you your prize, even if it’s cash. So far they have raised about $1000 through the “Cans for Zan” drive for the taxes. I will keep you posted as I learn any new information.

Tye Male said...

Dear Rob & Amy,

Thanks for the update. Enquiring minds want to know! I'd love to hear from Zanny again soon, so let her know that we said hello from Iowa. I'd like to get a pic of her and the new ride so I can update all my readers.

Have a great week! Tye

Tye Male said...

Rob & Amy - P.S. my email address is if you would like to contact me that way. ka chow!