Wednesday, February 07, 2007

You might a pastor's wife if...

I saw this on Emily's (I don't know her last name) blog and thought you might enjoy reading this. She is the daughter of one of the men who serves with me on our Small Group Leadership team. I hope you enjoy this! (Iadded personal comments in red) Please remember that this is for fun - don't take it too seriously!

You might be a pastor's wife if... secretly want to sneak away and never come back.
...everyone is allowed to have an emergency except you.
...people think your husband only works three hours a week,'ve been to thousands of potlucks. (Or "fellowship dinners".) know the difference between the prayer chain and the gossip mill. suffer from "PWS" - Pastor's Wife Syndrome.'d love to stay in bed just one Sunday before you die.'re never supposed to get sick - or even tired. (or a combination of the two!)
...caller ID becomes your new best friend.
...your best friend lives over 1000 miles away. (actually, it's 588 miles) are loved by the most wonderful people in all the world. night gets interrupted three weeks in a row by someone else's family. like to bowl - and give the pins names of people who cause your husband grief. don't tell your husband everything people tell you.

Tye out.

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Anonymous said...

Hi, Tye! There are so many more of these in the book that I could have listed. I thought they were pretty funny when I read it! It was nice to "meet" you through your blog.
:) Emily