Saturday, February 24, 2007

She is her father's daughter!

This morning was kinda cool. I had to have Allyson at Panera this morning at 5:50 AM. I typically take my laptop and Bible and work up there for a couple hours whenever this situation arises. I drove her to work this morning because we are having a serious ice storm and it was getting worse by the minute.

I came home around 7:45 to fix breakfast for Judy because she was leaving for a Beth Moore Conference and on the way home heard on the radio that it had been cancelled.

Mackenzie and I wound up heading back down to Panera to have a muffie and enjoy the cool atmosphere of Panera all the while giving Judy some quiet time around the house. She worked on her homework and I worked on the previous blog post. We had a good time together and it was confirmed once again that this Mackenzie is definitely her father's daughter!

Bill & Cheryl Curry (click on pic to see slide show and they are in it!) were there and I found some time to chat with them, and so did KK. She actually wound up talking to them for quite some time and they said they enjoyed it.

It was a fun time and I enjoyed sharing part of my life (my panera life) with Mackenzie. Tye, uh, dad out.

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Anonymous said...

who are those serious looking women in the background? you'd think they'd have a conference or something else to do on a Saturday morning than sit around and drink coffee!