Thursday, February 28, 2008

The broken road

As I wrapped up the last blog entry, I was thinking about this whole embracing faith thing and how we wound up here in Iowa to begin with. Here are some of my random musings on the subject.

Last night I was driving home from an appointment and had some thoughts about the past three or four years. I wondered why we had to come to Iowa on such a broken road. I'm not bitter, but every now and then I actually give it some thought.

I am 200% positive that God wanted us to move to Iowa and to serve at NCBC - no doubt. This move has enhanced my family's life, my life and ministry, and has shown us what healthy ministry looks like. Our kids are doing great here in Cedar Rapids and the church has been good for them as well. You might not know it, but things were so bad at our last church that I had to instruct my family to find another church to attend where they would be loved and cared for.

But why the broken road?

Driving on Iowa roads right now is downright awful. There are huge clumps of ice and it's like driving on moguls on a ski slope so you have to slow down to a practical crawl and select your course carefully in order to keep from bottoming out or breaking something on the car.

Sometimes this is the way God works. The road gets all weird and hard to navigate and you have to slow to a crawl and trust him! You can't get in a hurry or else you will wind up crashing.

At First Baptist my pace slowed to a virtual crawl as we waited on him every day for direction, especially when the "road" was in terrible shape. It was a lonely time as well, yet I sensed the presence of my Savior on a daily basis.

Three years later we are still dealing with some of the financial repercussions of the move. Why? I don't know. I even think maybe we did something wrong - but I don't think we did. What I think is that God wants us to be in a place where we have to trust him for every single thing. That's my embracing faith challenge today - trust him. Tye out.

And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose. Romans 8:28 NIV


Mark E. Eades said...

I so agree with you that God meant for you to be here in Iowa and serve in our church. The road is very bumpy outside sometimes but I know that it will melt away someday (maybe not even this side of heaven)and that gives me hope. I had a wonderful conversation with Morgan last night along the same lines of her broken road travels.

Tye said...

Thanks for your comment Mark. I love serving here at NCBC. Thanks for your input into my kids' lives.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing about the bumps! And from our favorite country group-- "God Bless the Broken Road" that led you here to me/us. We are so blessed to have you and your family here at New Covenant and blessed to call you our friend.
Gina & Tom