Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Building Houses in Juarez, Mexico - random thoughts

(Where's my framing hammer?)

I thought I would put some random thoughts down. You probably won't enjoy reading this unless you were on the trip. If something doesn't make sense, leave a comment and I'll try to clear it up.

I love driving. I especially enjoy driving big stuff like buses and tractor-trailers. Slight motion sickness. Ginger pills. Lilac oil. Lauren liked my cowboy hat. Charley S. knows everything. Excursion was not my cup of tea. Snacks. Creme Soda. Animal Crackers. A new $7 watch with a nifty light. 2nd place for heaviest tub. Allyson had the lightest tub. I talk too much. "Living on Tulsa time." 18 hours in Oklahoma City. Starbucks. Napping on a concrete floor. Napping on the bus. Napping during siesta. Telling jokes over the HAM radio to stay awake. Keeping other people awake telling jokes. "Hey Renee!" "Hey Tye!" Teaching hammer, drywall, and other useful techniques. DRINK! Great food by Mindy, Blynda, and Cindy. Mindy+Blynda+Cindy= Blyndi. "Can I borrow your air mattress inflater thingee?" 48 hours of travel. "I have to go to the bathroom." "I have to go to the bathroom" - said 30 seconds after passing the ONLY rest area in 120 miles. Where's the ______ (fill in the blank for whatever tool you were looking for at the time)? Hasta los banos? I don't want to go in the outhouse. (I'm glad I can go standing up.) Awesome worship service on Wednesday night. I'm such a sensate. Cut out for missions, but not called to missions.

Prayer for faint team members. Hot, dry, cool, wet. Sandstorm sucks. Torrential rain. Dam. Two dams. 16 penny nail. 22z hammer. I love working with the students. I love equipping people. Pouring concrete with a faulty electric mixer. Students working soooo hard.

Stuck 18-wheeler. dig out the tires. Charley solves issue, again. Bus tows 18-wheeler. Tye gets ramped up.

Using fake Spanish. Dedicating the house. Tears. More tears. Team unity. Sleeping in the same room with 58 other people. Nasty Days Inn seems nice compared to Mexico. Sleeping in my boxers - finally. Lauren always looks put together - a miracle! Lots of new friends. Check the GPS for diesel. Rain. More rain. Wet, wetter, wettest. Missing Judy. Wearing old clothes. Working with two of my daughters. SPAMS. KIC. SPAMS/KIC controversy. SPAMS for me next time. Baby wipes. Bottled water. Gatorade. Gatorade with dirt. Sleeping in shorts. No down time. Frontier Restaurant. Great views. I love the west.

Servant leaders. Great sponsors. The students never complained. Team unity. Everyone pitches in. 59 people, three houses, four days. Amazing trip. Tye out.


Anonymous said...

you could write a song. seriously. such poetry.

Thomas said...

Chazz really does know everything. No if, ands, or buts about it.