Wednesday, May 02, 2007

American Idol - May 2, 2007

I was able to get the grass cut tonight in time to get cleaned up and get situated on the couch for tonight's American Idol. Last night I thought everyone did as best they could with Bon Jovi rock but I have to say that Melinda Doolittle knocked it completely out of the ballpark. This gal was able to own the song and sing it as if she was the one who wrote it.

Tonight two people will get voted off. I hope it is Lakisha and the boyband singer guy ~ Chris. (but, if boyband lovers are voting, then he probably has a chance.) Blake is very ok. Jordin is ok too, she has had her moments. Phil is a really good singer, really good.

An American Idol ought to take your breath away. That's why I couldn't vote for Taylor or Fantasia (btw, where are they now?) (Rett, are you reading this : )

Melinda Doolittle takes my breath away. Carrie Underwood too. Ruben Studdard - not my style, but an awesome singer/performer. Katharine McPhee - breath-taking. Kelly Clarkson - total breath-taking. She knocked it out of the park last week on Idol Gives Back.

(Personal note: I've noticed that my fave performers have been women. Now don't get me wrong, but I have some fave male vocalists: Ray Charles, Tim McGraw, Johnny Cash, & Jo Don of Rascal Flatts, Lone Star, & Jason Aldean) Bon Jovi is performing, but I'm not much of a rocker fan. However, the dude can sing and perform.

So, here are my realtime comments:

Robin Thicke - A man who sings like a woman. Kind of reminiscent of Prince. (sorry Eric Bramlett - I don't do Prince) What was the point of this performance? He's not even a contestant.

LaKisha - stays? crazy.

Phil Stacy leaves - hmmm. what is America thinking?

Phil's final song: man, this guy can sing. gosh! I guess someone has to lose so someone else can win.

Bon Jovi - Nice hair dude. Classic rocker. Very appropriate song for the occasion. Real nice vocals. The harmonizing on the vocals was tight. I really dig the light show - did you notice?

Chris leaves. I guess boyband singers are not liked by America.

Chris's final song - another ok performance. This guy was not idol material.

I hope Melinda wins. Tye out.

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