Monday, May 07, 2007

It's Monday morning!

I typically look forward to Monday mornings. Not today. I'm just plain ole wore out from speaking four times yesterday. I left early this morning for Iowa City to visit a good friend in the hospital which was a good thing. We had a nice visit.

However, on a typical Monday morning I am at my remote office (Panera) by around 8:30 AM spending time in the word, praying, interacting with folks and checking email. I enjoy reading Monday Morning Insight and will often leave a comment or two on the blog. I will also post a blog entry on something that interests me and hopefully you too.

I also enjoy some time with my accountability partner and friend too. I always enjoy connecting with him and especially today because I was able to get some feedback on my message. This morning he had some very encouraging things to say.

Today is a little different though. I'm still trying to get traction. No worries though. This will be a day to recharge the batteries and get ready for the rest of the week. Tye out.

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