Sunday, May 06, 2007

Sunday's talk is going well!

I am back in my office between the 2nd and 3rd services having a snack and chillin' before I speak next around 11:30. The first service went well, but I have to confess I was pretty nervous. I don't give the talk that often in "big" church and it is a daunting task!
The second service went better - I had to cut some of my intro material out to save time. I enjoyed the audience interaction as well - there was a lot of synergy there. People are not used to a speaker who when he asks a question expects an outloud response! That's just me.

I did decide against using the "man who had lost his job and became a recluse" story on the advice of a blog reader's feedback. In hindsight I realize that things can lose their meaning in print. It truly is a hilarious story when you tell it out loud, but in print it looks horrible. Better safe than sorry!

Welp, the congregation is now singing so I need to go take my place. Have a great day! Tye out.

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