Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Greetings from Chicago!!!

I am in downtown Chicago at Moody Bible Institute for their annual Pastor's conference. I am attending with a friend from college days Ivan Truman.

First, I LOVE CHICAGO!!! Wow, it's fast, there are tons of restaurants, and lots and lots of people. Ivan gave me a walking tour yesterday and we saw the Hancock Building, Hershey's, Portillo's (we ate there!), Hard Rock Cafe, and of course, Giordano's Pizza.

The conference is going well. The worship band, well, let's just say that it's not one of our bands at NCBC or even Emergency Landing. Nuf said.

The speakers have been good. Michael Easley, the new president of Moody spoke last night and his talk was really good. He seems like a servant leader and was just real with the pastors last night. Here is the outline from his talk last night:

Nine Indicators of a Godly Leader
From the life of Nehemiah

1. They identify with the problem. (Nehemiah 1:3-6)
2. They are servants (1:8-11)
3. They know their time (2:8) In other words, they have a sense of God's calling and presence in their lives.
4. They have opposition (2:10) "Not everyone will like you, but conduct yourself in a manner so that most will respect you."
5. They clarify the task (2:11-18)
6. They cast vision (2:17-18) "Let us rebuild."
7. They enlist the right workers (3:1-32)
8. They pray (1:4-11; 2:4-5; 4:4, 9-10)
9. They have integrity (5:1-19)

Great message! Lunch time is here. Tye out.

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Mark E. Eades said...

Thanks for sharing Tye,

"They enlist the right workers" really stands out to me - like when we got you here at NCBC!