Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Moody Pastor's Conference - Wednesday

(Right) Me and Dennis Swanberg

Here we are already in the third day of the pastor's conference and time is flying! The speakers have been good and I have enjoyed time with my friend Ivan and also time to spend in the word and meditation. We walked to the 1450 foot tall Sears Tower yesterday afternoon and visited Millennium Park. Of course there was stop in Starbucks (they are everywhere!) for a Caramel Frappuccino. Click on the pic to see a slideshow.

This afternoon is free time (I need it!!!) so Ivan and I are going bike riding in Chicago. There is a trail on the lakeside so we are going to hit that. After working up an appetite we are going to eat at Giordano's for some stuff crust, Chicago style pizza.
This morning I sat in on a 4 panel Q&A that included Knute Larsen, Michael Easley, Randy Pope, and George Waddles. Their topic was leadership so I was interested to see what they had to say. Greg Wheatley (moderator and voice of Moody Broadcasting) asked them how they keep a healthy balance in their lives and not letting the ministry overwhelm their lives (like I did for ten years at my first church). Randy Pope offered three points:
1. Pastor's need to be wholehearted worshippers. You can become so busy with the business of the ministry that you forget that you are worshipper first, then a pastor second.
2. Pastor's need to be pursuing disciple-making. We have to be hanging out and mixing it up with unbelievers because this is the only way we will reach them.

3. Pastor's need to be involved in effective disciple-training. We must be developing people and pouring into their lives.
Those are good words. I am so thrilled that I have been doing these three things for the past few years and it has completely changed my life and ministry.
I am so thankful that I am such an excellent church like New Covenant Bible Church. They believe in leadership developement and put their money where their mouth is so to speak. That's it for now. Tye out.

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Kim Pagel said...

Hope your taking good notes to share with the rest of us! Sounds like an awesome conference and time.