Thursday, May 03, 2007

The Kitchen Table ~ Small Groups (version 2.0)

Here is my updated version of my message outline for this Sunday.
The Kitchen Table
Come and share life!

The Front Porch/Invitation: Come and see!/Christ and the crowds
The Living Room/Invitation: Come and connect!/Christ and the seventy

The Kitchen Table/ Invitation: Come and share life!/Christ and The Twelve

The kitchen table is a close, personal space of 3-12 people where we give the invitation, “Come and share life!”

1. We gather around the Kitchen Table because:
a. God exists in community – Genesis 1:26
We are created in God’s image; therefore, we are created for community.
b. Jesus example of gathering the 12 disciples
Mark 6:7
Mark 9:35
Mark 10:32
Jesus knew that the masses had deep needs. Yet, he spent most of his public ministry sharing life and ministry together with his small group of 12 disciples.

c. Example of the early church – Acts 2:42
d. Jesus prayed that we would have the same oneness as the Trinity. John 17:20-21

2. We benefit greatly by sharing life around the Kitchen Table
God never intended Christianity to be a "Me, God, and my Bible" lifestyle. The Bible teaches that we also need each other for many reasons.

a. Small group members encourage each other in their faith.
b. People feel safe to share their lives with one another
c. Group members hold each other accountable
d. Members pray for one another
e. Friendships can form because of the closeness (and vice versa!)
f. Group members can help each other in hard times

At New Covenant, we believe that the kitchen table environment is absolutely essential in the process toward becoming a family of growing disciples. It is not optional.

3. We have a Kitchen Table for you!
a. Impact groups
b. MOPS, Hope for Moms, Weekly Bible studies
c. Men’s Fraternity
d. Serving Teams
e. __________________

Main Idea: We give God room to create close friendships by providing a healthy kitchen table environment.

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