Thursday, May 10, 2007

YOU can help Zanny!!!

Alright, I got an email from a friend of Zanny Henseler's mom asking me to get the word out that we would like Zanny to go back on Deal or No Deal. And you can help! (Click on the pic for a slideshow of Zanny with her new Escalade she won on the show)

If you would like to see Zanny go back on Deal, or No Deal simply email the producer and tell them that we would like to see the "lime green queen" back on the show. Here's how: Click here and fill out the page online. Or, go to the Deal or No Deal page and all the way at the bottom is a "Contact Us" link.

As many of you know, Zan needs to come up with around $25k to pay the tax on her new Escalade she won on the show and this would be a cool way for her to get the money for the taxes. Will you help? Thanks! Tye out.

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