Friday, May 18, 2007

Judy's first blog post

My lovely wife Judy is not much for blogs, even mine. But today something happened that SHE deemed blog worthy. You see, today was "change the brakes on the van and volvo day" after a full day at Panera. While I was rushing around getting the jacks out and all the tools, she was out in the garage trying to talk to me and she was kind of getting in the way. So in an effort to solve a problem (and be funny) I took some chalk and drew a circle where she could stand and be safe. : ) (please click on the pic for a brief slideshow)

So introducing Judy Male and her first ever blog post. And she writes:

Now explain something to me. Why is it when a woman is in the garage a man draws a circle for her to stand in and when a man is in the kitchen, he is all over the place? I was a little curious about this phenomenon. If I were cooking a large dinner a man would be in the center of the kitchen picking at the food that is being prepared before it is ready to be served and eating over the dish. Why I just walk into the garage to encourage my man that he is doing a great job of changing the brakes and offer him a drink, he puts me in a circle. Only to ask me later to come out of my circle to turn the wheel left (and I turned it right) and then pump the air out of the brake line. I just do not understand. Just wait next time when he is in the kitchen POW! Right in the kisser.

What an incredible post sweetheart! You are quite a writer! Tye out.


Kim Pagel said...

Tye,you're too much! LOL!! :o) I've heard about getting put in a box, but this is the first time I've ever seen someone put in a circle!

Anonymous said...

You guys crack me up. LOL!!

Robin said...

I can just see Tye eating over a dish. We need a picture of that on the blog! Hang in there girlfriend and remember that you can come over any time and we won't put you in a circle.

The Stutts Family said...

Yeah, pow, right in the kisser. It's a trip, guys are much more the "stand back and see what I can do" and we women are "come on in and share in my creation, talk to me!!". Riot, loved it. Keep bloggin girl!! - J