Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Alright, OK, You Win (I'm in Love with You)

Man, I love jazz music! I'm sitting here at Panera enjoying a cup of joe and listening to Yahoo! Launchcast Music and this jammin', rockin' tune comes on the "radio" - Alright, OK, You Win by Diane Schuur off her album Blues for Schuur. That chick (relax, this is standard jazz talk) has got the smoothest alto sound going which a touch of Ella Fitzgerald in there! But besides that, why do I like it so much? First off, the rockin' rhythm section. There is nothing like a rhythm section that is playing on the same page because it creates so much synergy. (BTW, a rhythm section is just that - bass and opt. rhythm guitar, B3, piano, and drums) they bring a simple chord progression to life. It's hard to play in a band when the rhythm section is not solid - it's like walking a tight rope or on thin ice. And might I mention the bass player? Wow, what cool lines as he walks that thing right over the changes.

Second, the horns join in. They are powerful on this cut and add to the synergy of the rhythm section. There is nothing like it when everyone is working together. I love it!
Then, Diane rides the top like a surfer on a wave. And, I love the jazzy love songs because I'm a bit of a romantic. (true confessions here!) Judy, if you're reading, this song is perfect! I'm definitely, totally, and completely in love with you.

Tye out.

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