Friday, November 10, 2006

I started my filing system today!!!

Armed with a system from my executive pastor Kim Pagel, a stack of file folders, a label maker ($120 job!) and a box full of papers, Robin Koskamp and I launched into the one job I hate the most - filing. Three hours later we had gone through a mountain of papers and created a filing system that will work for me! I was the envy of the entire office today! WOW!

Kudos to Robin for helping out today. You are an awesome lady and I really appreciate your help today!

The system I used was really simple - for a simple mind. I only have five categories: Admin, ABFs, Small Groups, Projects/Ministries, and Input. There is a separate color for each category and we use the double strength tab folders so we don't use those plastic thingamabobs. Then, we only use the center tabs - Kim used the left tabs. This keeps everything inline for easy reference. I feel confident that this system will work not only now, but for years to come.

Tye out.

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