Friday, November 17, 2006

Are titles really important - part 2

I posted on a recent email I received from a nationally known speaker and author about how he was beginning to use Ph.D. when he signs his name. Why is this? Since I have been burned in the past by self-serving leaders who really care about position and title I decided to send an email to ask about it. (no kidding)

Well, much to my surprise I received this thoughtful and clarifying response from the president of Man in the Mirror that publishes info for men and men's ministry:

Tye –

Thanks so much for the feedback.

Pat [Patrick Morley] has carefully chosen to use the PhD in certain settings simply as a way to steward the message. It’s a reality that most people typically give more credence to information that comes from what they consider to be a credible source, especially those that are not yet convinced. Part of what Pat feels called to do is to further a national dialogue about the importance of discipling men. In the opinion of Pat and our management team, using the PhD gives more benefit by helping more leaders consider what is said than the harm that is done when some see it as pretentious. (In the same way that leaving “Pastor” off for you probably gets you more of a hearing from your target audience.) Clearly that is a judgment call and we could be wrong.

If you have a chance to meet Pat, you will know that he could care less about titles. However, you’ll also learn that he wants to be as effective as possible with every opportunity that God gives.

Hope this helps clarify – and keep the feedback coming. We are here to serve leaders like you.

David Delk
President, Man in the Mirror

A couple of observations. First of all, they welcome feedback and actually asked for it - a sure sign of a servant leader. Second, David freely admits that while this decision was well thought out and the pros and cons weighed, they still could be wrong - another sign of a servant leader.

I don't know Patrick Morley, but I feel a lot better about his leadership and trusting him to guide our men's ministry team through some retooling by way of his book No Man Left Behind.

Servant leaders only for me please. I avoid using "Pastor Tye" because it has a lot of baggage attached to it. Pat uses Ph.D. to broaden his audience and gain crediblity for the people he is trying to reach. It works. Tye out.

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