Thursday, November 23, 2006

Deal, or No Deal and Zanny Henseler

Zanny on "Deal, or No Deal"

Our family has gotten "addicted" to this newest game show called Deal, or No Deal. We enjoy "coaching" the contestants and trying to think of what we would do if we were on the show.
Well, they've been going over-the-top here recently. Zanny Henseler (prounced like Danny with a z) came on the show wearing lime-green and telling Howie that her dream was to get a lime-green Cadillac Escalade. Well, she did pretty good and as the show goes along wouldn't you know it, the banker (you have to watch sometime) offers her an $83k tricked-out lime-green Cadillac Escalade, with 24 inch spinners and all! WOW! Well, needless to say, she took it. But that is when her "troubles" began.

You see, someone forgot to tell this 21 year old that there is something called sales tax, and she is responsible for it - $25k worth! I guess she could borrow the money from somewhere, then sell her dream car (does a 21 year old need a ride like this?), buy a beautiful, small, used car that gets good gas mileage and even slurge a little with a paint job, spinners, and stereo. She'd still have somewhere around $40k+ to pay her for her schooling. hmmmm....

But nobody asked me! Tye out.
P.S. Click here to read Zanny's friend's blog. She's a believer!

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