Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Mackenzie's "to do list" for daddy

Judy and the girls are heading out to celebrate Thanksgiving with her family and so Andrew and I will be hanging around, working around the house, watching cool guy movies, and I have a book to read.

Well, Mackenzie, who is a great list-maker, made up a to-do-list for me while they are gone. Check out the organizational skills of an 8 year old:
1. Wake Up
2. Get Dressed
3. Brush Teeth
4. Feed Mackenzie's Fish (A Pinch)
5. Coffee
6. Make Breakfast
7. Get Ready For Work
8. Go To Work
9. Get Home
10. Have Fun
11. Maybe a Blog
12. TV (While Computer)
13. Make Dinner
14. TV
15. Get Ready For Bed
16. TV
17. Go To Bed
18. Do All Over In The Morning

Notice her attention to detail. Also, notice that she balanced work (#8) and play (#10). Notice also that she knows her dad pretty well - she has studied my habits, i.e. coffee in the morning and the fact that I usually watch TV with my laptop (#12). Her fish will get fed (#4) and there is time given to blogging (#11).

Pretty good stuff, huh. Thanks Mackenzie for tackling this assignment and making sure all the bases are covered. In a couple of years I'll be looking for a full time admin assistant and you will be first in line for the job!!! I love you.

Daddy out.

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