Sunday, November 26, 2006

My version of Extreme Home Makeover

By now, you probably know that Judy and the girls went to Cincy for the weekend. This was my opportunity to get some much needed projects done around the house. On the docket was the following: install overhead microwave, install garbage disposal, work on downstairs remodeling project, clear out garage to get car in (this would lead to more projects). So, what did I do?

First thing, I decided to install the microwave and you can click on the pic to see a slideshow of my progress. Then, it was out to garage to get it cleared out. I had to hang three bikes, organize my library which was still in boxes in the garage, and generally clear things out.

Microwave - I had to run a dedicated circuit which went really well. Tom Jedlicka came over and tied the circuit into the panel, plus helped me tidy up some cabling issues downstairs. While he was over he also helped me develop a plan for wiring the bedroom and bathroom in the basement! Thanks Tom!!!

I wrapped everything up around 3:30 AM this morning, so I am bushed! It was good to have the family back and Judy was pretty excited! Tye out.

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