Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Are you a driven or called person

It is entirely possible that for the first half of my life I lived as a driven person, not called. That bothers me. I am positive that I ran people over not even realizing the consequences of my actions. This is what self-serving people do. No more.
Check out this devo I received today from the fine folks over at

Few people would admit they are self-serving leaders… And yet we observe self-serving leaders all the time... What makes people self-serving? Gordon MacDonald in his book, Ordering Your Private World, says there are two types of people in the world – Driven people and Called people. Driven people think they own everything; Called people believe everything is on loan.
(Inspiring thoughts from Lead Like Jesus: Beginning the Journey Participant’s Study Guide - Page 26-27)

So, which kind of leader are you? Hey try this! Ask your coworkers! Let them tell you. (If you can't ask them, you are probably a self-serving leader) Tye out.

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