Monday, November 27, 2006

I love White Castles!

So, while IM ing with my wife in Cincy the subject of food came up and I mentioned that I would love to have some White Castle hamburgers, as would our senior pastor Bob Westfall. Well, Judy stopped at one of the little white restaurants on her way back and picked up 8 burgers - they're small. I gave Bob 5 and I kept three, and they were delicious! Click on the pic for a slideshow of White Castle pics.

White Castle hamburgers brings back many fond memories. I've always been a hyper kid who could never sleep on Christmas Eve because I would be so excited. So, Dad would take me out for a drive and we would typically wind up at a White Castles restaurant because they are open all night and those little square hamburgers are irresistible. Sometimes we would go to the one on William Howard Taft, then other times we would go into the inner city of Cincinnati. Thanks Dad for all those wonderful memories!

Then, when I was in college I would eat there once in a while. When I moved to Tennessee we found a restaurant called Krystals which featured the same little hamburgers as well as an incredible breakfast for $1.79.

Thanks Judy for this wonderful treat. Tye out.

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