Thursday, November 16, 2006

Ohio State vs. Michigan

(The little boy on the left is a Michigan fan. The other children are Ohio State fans. Get it?)

Ok, I don't really care too much for all this rivalry stuff. Actually, I think it's quite petty. But then again, I root for Big Bands, jazz greats you have never heard of, and actually I'm thrilled to death that Ivan Basso was signed to Discovery. If you have to ask.... So there! (I'm having fun with this if you can't tell!)

I've never been one to care much for one team over the other. I went to a University where our teams were mediocre and they were called "Crusaders." GO CRUSADERS!!! YEAH!!! Give me a break. At least they could get a non-offensive mascot and a cool name.

I am however a fan of a good game. I love watching a great quarterback - Peyton Manning, Cordell Stewart, those Dallas guys a few years ago, and what's his face up in Green Bay - but he should have quit two years ago. I loved watching Lance ride past Jan in the prologue of the Tour de France two years ago. I cry every time I think about Nadia getting a perfect "10." I love that girl. I love it when I hear Dexter, Trane, Miles, and Bird. I dig it when Buddy plays the heck out of the drums. I still get goosebumps just thinking about the night we saw River Dance, and Stomp. I love a good performance, no matter what the venue.

Anyways, I got this picture today and even though I could care less, it made me laugh and thought it might make you laugh too. If it doesn't, then just go on with your day and do something constructive like take a nap...while Ohio State beats the you know what out of Michigan (is it state, or University?). Tye out.

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